We believe giving from our financial resources acknowledges that everything we have comes from God. 


Those who attend Chisholm Assembly of God church are given an opportunity in our worship services to participate in the financial support of the work of the ministry. 

This practice demonstrates our generosity, promotes personal discipline, testifies to our faith, supports God's missions works throughout the world, and reaches out to others in need. We also believe in the biblical model of the tithe. While we do not believe tithing to be a condition for salvation, we do believe it sets the standard for charitable giving for all Believers in any income position.

Online giving is also available for your convenience. Consider the benefit of knowing your financial support consistently continues when, for any reason, you are unable to attend services. Online giving is safe, secure, and easy.


Your contributions are tax deductible, and donors will receive a year-end tax statement reflecting the total of their
giving for the year.